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President & CEO

Total Marine Solution Provider
kt submarine
We will lead the development of Korea’s marine industry.
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Established in 1995 as a subsidiary of KT Group, kt submarine corporation has been engaging in the construction and maintenance of submarine fiber optic cable which is indispensable for international communication and internet.

By capitalizing on accumulated professionalism and experience in the construction and maintenance of submarine cable for 25 years, we have expanded our business portfolio into the construction and maintenance of submarine power cable and offshore business through continuous investments and technology development. Now we are turning our eyes to the world beyond Asia.

As a leader in the domestic marine business, kt submarine is the only Korean company to operate three special vessels for marine construction, two ploughs, and three ROVs. We also demonstrate world-class ROV operation technology and submarine cable connection technology.

Based on these competitive advantages, kt submarine will continue to spare no effort for innovation and challenge in order to evolve into the "Global No.1 Total Marine Solution Provider.

I hope your consistent supports for and interests in our efforts and progress. We will make a concerted effort to satisfy our customers.

Thank you.

President & CEO Kim, Hyung Joon