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Ethical Management

kt submarine Ltd. which will create tomorrow and open the future

Ethical Management Principles

『We plan our future with valid decision making and ethical judgment to grow into global No. 1』
For this, we consider 「customer first, compliance, stick to basics, ownership and social responsibility」 the 5 codes of conduct of ethical management all KT people must share and adhere to and take our oath to practice them.

Principle 01. Customer First
  1. We consider customers the best value.
  2. 1-1. Respect customer value and information and protect them thoroughly.
  3. 1-2. Continue to create differentiated value helpful to customers.
Principle 02. Compliance Management
  1. We strictly comply with regulations and standards.
  2. 2-1. Act fairly and cleanly in accordance with laws and business ethics.
  3. 2-2. Keep business transparent and thoroughly protect company secrets.
Principle 03. Stick to Basics
  1. We stick to basics and principles.
  2. 3-1. Decide reasonably and objectively in terms of company profit and act responsibly.
  3. 3-2. Keep the public and private separate and take the lead in making a sound and clean organizational culture.
Principle 04. Ownership
  1. We take ownership that the company and me are the same.
  2. 4-1. Don’t be afraid of failure and always challenge the best.
  3. 4-2. Pursue improvement of efficiency through autonomy and empowerment.
Principle 05. Social Responsibility
  1. We take full social responsibility as a national company.
  2. 5-1. Protect shareholders’ rights and interests and make every effort to improve the「quality of life」 of all employees.
  3. 5-2. Regard highly and respect environment, safety and human rights.
  4. 5-3. Lead the way to social contribution and establish the grow-together relationship with business partners.