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Ethical Management

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Report on Unethical Behaviors

kt submarine operates diverse channels to help stakeholders report unethical behaviors or cases to build a sound corporate culture.

Your report on our employees’ unethical behaviors with regard to businesses will be promptly and proactively managed, and your identity will remain confidential.

Report on Unethical Behaviors
  1. If you know or find our employees’ unethical behaviors such as embezzlement, malpractice, theft, bribery, or entertainment, please report them through the following contact channels.
Contact Us
  1. Phone : 82-51-709-3380
  2. Mail : Ethics Management Dept., 6F, kt Songjeong-Tower B/D, #42, Songjeonggwangeogol-ro, Haeundae-gu, Busan, Korea
  3. E-mail :