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Submarine Assets

kt submarine Ltd. is recognized technique in world sea field.


3M PLOUGH images facilities & equipment
  • - Weight
    Air Weight : 27.5 tonnes (approx.)
    Submerged Weight : 22.0 tonnes(approx.)
  • - Hydraulics
    Fittings Motor : 3-Phase, 2kV, 50/60Hz, 15kW
    Reservoir : 100 litres working Capacity
  • - Dimensions
    Skid Down : 9.49m long
    Drawbar Down : 5.50m high
    Over Stabilisers : 5.08m wide
  • - Subsea Jetting System
    Motor/Pump Sets : 2 x 250kW subsmersible motor/Pump sets
    Jets : 1 x set with Different Nozzle Diameters 1 x set of Nozzle Blanks
    Power Control : Main Share Jet tool consumption up to 500kW Switch each 250kW
    supply to front jet tool or share
  • - Subsea Electronics and Telemetry
    Test Pressure : 1.25 x Working Pressure
    Mounting : Anti Vibration Type
  • - Instrumentation
    Pressure Transducers : Water depth, Depressor pressure, Hydraulic system
    Jetting Transducers : Water Pressure (x2)
    Linear Transducers : Hydraulic oil reservoir volume
    Altitude : Echo sounder (range 0.6m to 30m)
  • - Operation
    Pulled by tow wire from surface vessel
    Operating Depth : 1,500mtr
    Towing Force : 10Ton to 80Ton (0m to 2.2m deep) 50Ton (2.2m to 3.3m deep)
    Max. Permissible pull at Plough : 80Ton
    Burial Depth : 3.3mtr Trench Depth Max.(with extension)
    Cable Size : 17mm to 90mm Diameter
    Repeaters up to 380mm Diameter
    Cable Splice Boxes up to 150 Diameter
    Cable Bend Radius : 1,5m (Max.)
    Soil Type : Any, with Good Rock Ripping Ability
    Cable Tracking : Lateral Cable Angle Potentiometer and TV Camera
    Ploughing Speed : Up to 1m/s Depending on Seabed Condition
  • - Operating Conditions
    Operating Temperature : +40C to -4C
    Ambient Temperature : +50C to -15C
  • - Surveillance
    Cameras : 3 x Near-SIT camera (Kongsberg Simrad)
    Lamps : 5 x 150W 245V LED (Bowtech)
    Sonar : Obstacle Avoidance (Tritech, Super seaking)
    Pan and Tilt : Sub-Atlantic, 24V Pan and Tilt Unit
    Hydrophone : For noise monitoring - Benthos

3M_PLOUGH Brochure download